Exclusive fine art pictures

Art Print for your rooms

Due to the natural effect, wall pictures of nature and landscape are suitable for almost every room. Especially over large formats, this harmonious effect of moments in nature can be transported into the interior. 


Each art print is printed on selected fine art paper. The process is subject to fixed criteria and production standards. A limited edition picture is numbered and issued with a certificate.


The selling price of a photograph depends on the format, the finish as well as the total number of copies in a limited edition.

Fine Art Print

The term "fine" could be understood as the type of print in combination with the appropriate paper, inks and printer. The print is the way it is put on the medium paper and the term fine art stands for a result of a creative and artistic process. In short: "Fine Art Prints" stand for a printed image that meets an artistic standard of creative as well as qualitative criteria. Last but not least, fine art prints promise a long life. This is made possible by the printing technique with special pigment inks used for this purpose.


The central criterion in Oliver Wehrli's art prints is the quality of the finished image and the conformity of the print and its effect with that of the original image vision. 

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On request, a picture can be realised according to your ideas.