Feedback on photos and mentoring

Receive the most important optimization options for your photos in a personal review and experience the improvements as constructive mentoring for your portfolio.


Photographers often receive little feedback. Customers, family and friends often only give very unspecific feedback. Unfortunately, you don't know what's behind “great” or “beautiful picture”. The same goes for social media comments. A thousand likes and short comments don't necessarily help you. Precise and competent feedback is the exception because people's time on social media is limited.


In this picture review you will receive an honest and constructive criticism of the image processing, image implementation, image editing, choice of subject, image concept and camera settings. You also get feedback for series of images. I show the potential for improvement and what the focus should be on so that your pictures are taken to the next level.

In preparation, I need up to 10 photos or a series of images that you would like to have rated in advance. In addition, more information about the personal portfolio and work that has already been done.

Course type: Online meeting via Zoom or, if desired, personally on site

Coaching digital and analog photography - for private individuals and companies

After defining the desired goals and a preliminary discussion, the coaching is adapted to the individual wishes.

Example topics are planning, approach and light in photography. Image design and composition with practice photography. How do I turn a subject into a good picture? Getting to know the limits of your own camera, linear histogram, images without graduated filters, depth of field (hyperfocal distance). Image processing, optimization of image workflow as well as image review & analysis.